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Metal Protective Coatings are excellent for protecting large or small industrial metal parts which are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and other environmental elements. Also known as corrosion resistant coatings, these protective coatings protect metal components against corrosion and erosion due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation or continuous exposure to industrial chemicals and environmental pollutants. Anti-corrosion coating allows for enhanced protection of metal surfaces by forming a barrier to prevent the contact between chemical compounds and corrosive materials. Nanocoatings provide a bonus of abrasion resistance, non-sticky performance, and protection against chemicals.

In the current times, several small, medium and large-scale industries are using a wide variety of metals, materials or equipments that are vulnerable to corrosion. In order to prevent metal from corroding, many industries have realized the importance of protective nanocoatings that tend to ensure that these metals and materials remain durable for a long time to come and their functionality does not get affected inspite of functioning in diverse set of environmental conditions. The protective coatings are essentially required to shield various metals from abrasions and spoilage thereby resulting in longevity of numerous products and equipments.

There are a large number of nanocoating manufacturers that provide an array of coating services for varied industries in order to meet their needs and requirements pertaining to ensuring additional protection to their small and large industrial surfaces. The main objective of these Metal Protective Coatings is to provide stiff resistance against rusting to enhance the structural integrity of various products and equipments. Metal protective coatings are especially useful for those industries that employ their machineries and equipments for outdoor purposes. Heavy construction machineries like cranes are effectively protected against possible instances of rust, oxidation, and corrosion thereby ensuring proper maintenance. Corrosion is one major factor which is of primary concern to every manufacturer irrespective of their scale of working. Each and every industry invests a significant amount of its budget on procuring assets such as small and big machines for production and manufacturing purposes. The performance of these machines are critical to the fortunes of companies because their efficiency and performance is directly related to the quality of the goods produced by them.

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Machineries and various other equipments are continuously exposed to harsh weather conditions and other environmental pollutants which can hamper their efficiency by causing them to corrode and rust through making a direct contact with the surface. High performance and top quality industrial coatings are therefore critical in reducing the adverse effects of corrosion and preventing them from getting damaged. A protective nanocoating is greatly responsibly for enhancing the finish of the metal or material and improving its overall quality. One of the striking features of these Metal Protective Coatings is that these are water repellent and oil-repellent which enhances the sturdiness of various metals as the surfaces which are coated with protective coatings repeal water and oil away as if it were afraid of them.

Nanocoatings have a hydrophobic and oleophobic surface which means that water, chemicals, and oils are not allowed to penetrate inside the surface because these are not allowed to come in direct contact with it.

About the Author: NanoSlic is a hydrophobic and oleophobic protective coating that repels water, water- based fluids, oils, and other chemicals, making it an ideal permanent, waterproof coating to protect many industrial and consumer surfaces including metals, ceramic, glass and more. For more information Visit


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  • New Maruti Suzuki Alto 800CC Car in India



    Indian passenger car market is always been dominated by small cars. Out of 10 cars been sold in India, every 7th car is a hatchback. The trend started by Maruti Suzuki with Maruti 800, followed by Alto. However the company had to shut down the production of Maruti 800 its highest selling car due to consumer preference shifting towards stylish and powerful cars.

    Many new competition cars were also been introduced in Indian car market starting with Hyundai Eon, Chevrolet Spark and Maruti also launching K10 series engine of its entry segment car Alto to attract consumer buyers. Also came the low cost car Tata Nano in Indian car market.

    To take up the competition in a strong way here comes Maruti Suzuki New Alto 800 car in India. Not only stylish but highly fuel efficient too. New Maruti Alto 800 is coming in Indian markets as the second smallest entry level car in terms of price after Tata Nano

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    Today any consumer looking to buy car look for :-

    – Price to get value for money

    – Style statement as car depicts one personality

    – Features and an hype

    Infact, many consumers have an emotional bonding also with Maruti Alto 800 as that was the first car they have bought and on been arrived in an all new stylish avatar New Alto 800 is ready to storm the Indian passenger car market. Learning from past mistakes that how the best selling model could become obsolete if not coped with market and consumer preferences, New Alto 800 will be based on A Star platform carrying European looks, a small car bundled with heavy features, powerful Air conditioning, Fuel efficient engine, stylish interiors and smart body design will create Alto 800 as a crows puller for the coming Diwali festival in India.

    Though other car companies have also announced launching there 800 CC car but by the time Maruti Suzuki will be launching even a step higher a diesel version of its all time people car. To attract all segment of people who look for style, features and even mileage New Maruti Alto 800 with increased space inside the cabin is getting ready to be a favored car for every consumer.

    There are over 50 million two wheeler owners in India and many of them have been looking for a car in the family which is low on maintenance and high on performance. The wait is about to get over as an average Indian consumer will get answer in form of New Maruti Alto 800.

    Author is Gagan who provides reviews on

    Maruti 800

    Car and comparison of

    New Alto Vs Eon

    in India.

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    New Maruti Suzuki Alto 800CC Car in India

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